Multi-application for trade networks "MarketZilla" is the assistant to buyers with a wide functionality, which will be able to tell where a specific product situated in the store, to show all the detailed information about a product and calculate how much you scored shopping.

For stores, this is an amazing opportunity to interact with customers, which will attract new customers, advertise new products and promotions, and get feedback from buyers.

Looking for the ingredients on the package the product? With the app "MarketZilla" you can not only easily find the ingredients info of your chosen product, but also to find out which of its components are dangerous to health and which are not.

"MarketZilla" can easily tell you where to find and how to get to the desired product in the store. Now you do not need to spend too much time searching, bypassing the circles of the shopping center, just click a couple of times on the button and you are there!