Mobile application development in Martapp company

1. How to start developing a mobile application? - With an idea!

  • What task will the application solve?

  • What function will it perform?

  • Determine who the product is targeted at?

  • What problem does your invention solve?

  • Find your niche.


Look at the analog applications. Select the basic, must-have functions, without which it cannot exist. Think of what could be your competitive advantage? Determine how much you need to invest to start the application to make money.

2. Choose a reliable partner in the mobile development market.

Our key benefits:

  • Own team of full-time professionals. It offers the customer full-time staff of designers, programmers, designers and testers. Each client is assigned a Project Manager.

  • Because of the well-established system of interaction, the Project Manager easily communicates with the project team and with you. That is why you always know what is happening with the project at each stage of development.

  • Creation of applications based on Android and iOS is the main activity of our company.

  • 100% product quality control.

  • We use the most modern technologies.

  • We monitor the quality of our code.

  • We perform a full range of services, ranging from logo design, corporate identity to SEO-promotion of the project, as well as support and modernization of the project. We publish or help you to publish applications and share source code. We give three-month warranty on the application developed by us. In case you find errors, we fix them! We are responsible for our work. We transfer all rights of the application to you.

  • At your request, we may enter into a non-disclosure agreement with you to prevent the leakage of any confidential information.

  • After selecting a development team, there are several meetings to discuss, research your product vision, create sketches, and capture the main features of the project.

3. Next step is the design, creation of technical specifications (it contains the product requirements, restrictions, architecture).


We design all the screens of the mobile application, work out all the details and scenarios together with you, create an interactive prototype. That means, you get a preliminary version of your idea, which can be tested on a computer and go through all the "routes" to make sure they are comfortable.

The designer creates several prototypes to choose the perfect one in the future.

At this stage, you can estimate the development time and budget.


4. You need to choose a platform.

That is what you need to do to reach your target audience as much as possible. There are two main heavyweights in the market of mobile applications – iOS and Android. The best solution to this dilemma is to make an app for both iOS and Android. If this is not possible, you need to weigh the pros and cons. The cost of developing a mobile application for each of the platforms is about the same, there is no clear winner.


5.The development team makes up, programs and connects the application to the server.

Next, our team carefully tests the product and gives it to you for testing.

6. Publication of the application in accordance with Google Play and App Store rules.


How do I download an app to the App Store?



How to download the app on Google Play


  • register a developer account Google play developer console

  • Pay the user fee of$25

  • To sign the application for the certificate and sending in Play Market using Android Studio, Eclipse, etc.


7. Support, maintenance and development of the application.


The service includes a number of stages:

  • Work with users. Getting feedback

  • Analysis of problems

  • Create app groups on social networks

  • Register your app in alternative markets (Android only)

  • Write reviews and promotions on various forums

  • Improvement of functionality, release of updates